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A Guardians Thorn

We have a fantastic script and we are currently Casting & Crewing for our latest short film.

We're already three weeks into casting...

I am thrilled by the response I have had for all the three of main characters. I have sifted through hundreds of self tapes and CVs and emails, and selected the best "fitted" for the script and the vision the Director has for the film. The final recall date has been set for 22nd April 2022. I am impressed by the quality of Actors coming through and I cant wait to see the Actors all interacting at the recall.

The crew are all coming together...

I am also thrilled by all the talented film makers all wanting to come together to get this film made. At the moment, the Visual Effects Coordinator and myself are planning the best way to shoot some of the scenes. We are hoping to pre film some of the scenes- so we can experiment.

Locations are being prepared...

The majority of the locations are going to be in a lovely semi detached home in Bedfordshire. I have an interest in interior design anyway, so this part is fun. I'm going to be getting out my roller brush and carpentry gear so that I can build the set.

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